0/2 The Windstrument

Update; Spring, 2014

Windstrument has been working with three, well-established and experienced International Renewable Energy groups to license the Windstrument for deployment in Europe and South America as well as Australia. Our concerted efforts will serve to develop localized manufacturing and distribution of Windstrument and Windstrument hybrid systems in key international cities.

We have also been contacted by several U.S. Universities who have expressed interest in deploying Windstrument systems for varied projects, the most interesting of which is a bird habitat. 

We will provide more detailed updates as these exciting developments progress.

Meanwhile, we have developed relationships with manufacturing entities in the U.S. who have perfected new, high-speed, environmentally safer and more cost effective production methods than were available even two years ago. Advancement in recyclable materials has also proceeded at breakneck pace in the past several years, allowing us to see a 100% recyclable wind turbine in the very near future, up from 50% recyclable, where we currently are.

Regarding costs: Our goal has always been to create a wind turbine system, produced in the U.S. and then locally to deployment areas worldwide, that was competitive with carbon fuels per kWh. That goal is finally within reach. Since the first conceptual of the Windstrument Turbine, materials, mass production methods and electrical systems costs have dropped rapidly; especially in the area of control systems - with new open-source peripherals becoming readily available.  

Materials development has also advanced to a degree in the past few years that we can foresee cost effective production of our massive, space-frame and tensile membrane ‘Big Guns’ Windstrument Turbine becoming a reality. 

We would also like to say hello to our new friends at the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As always, we enjoy meeting people who are interested in the production and deployment of the Windstrument for specified projects and companies who have an interest in working with us in getting Windstrument onto the mass market. You are welcome to call us at the number provided on our 'Contact' link. If you have written us, be assured that we will be sending you updates in your area of interest in the Windstrument as soon as they are available.

Thank you again,

The Windstrument Team. 

Fowlerville, Mich. – Asahi Kasei Plastics N.A. Inc. is working with Unified Energies International, Inc. in the development of the “Windstrument™” wind turbine to bring affordable renewable energy to the masses. 

Windstrument™ was developed for both residential use and utility scale projects including entire communities, neighborhoods or agricultural groups coming together on a project basis to generate their own local power. The rooftop or pole mounted Windstrument™ is an affordable, quiet and powerful, bird safe, scalable wind turbine system. www.windstrument.com

Read the full Press Release here.

The Windstrument is a affordable, 
flexible, bird safe, powerful, self-directing, scaleable wind turbine system with a unique add on power storage capability. The Windstrument was extensively tested in Jacobs/Ford Detroit wind tunnel and field tested for over 3 years in one of the harshest climates on earth.

The Windstrument Turbine was granted Patent #8,226,369  on July 4, 2012, with all Eleven Claims Granted in Full.

If you are interested in renewable energy, sustainability, investing, licensing or sponsorships, contact us. 

If you have a project in mind, we are interested in speaking with you about your project and about potential application development.

For more information on general pricing and availability, please see our FAQ section.

0/3 About the Windstrument

We set out to solve all of the problems inherent in current wind turbine technology. 

Our resolution was to:
Use best practices in materials and manufacturing to make as small an environmental footprint as possible in the development of a truly affordable wind energy system that:

  • can be used locally for small needs yet be easily and infinitely expandable as the need arises.
  • Windstrument testing at the Jacobs Ford wind tunnel in Detroitcan adapt to any electrical technologies/systems as available in the region.
  • is useful for residential, agricultural, utility and industry.
  • safe for humans, birds and animals.
  • can be used in any mixed use environment, from urban to agricultural.
  • can generate electricity or pump fluids
  • has an internal power storage capability that is absolutely unique to the industry
  • that is silent and with no 'flicker shadow' effect.
  • that is light and easily transportable, eliminating the need for new road construction.
  • that is price competitive with standard energy sources.
  • can be affixed to pre-existing or recycled poles, rooftops or other structures.
  • uses easily replaceable parts and blades.
  • can be quickly manufactured.
  • is affordable.
  • is a smooth, sleek, organic design

We are happy to say that we met all of these goals - and then some.

Windstrument WindOrchard array

The Windstrument is Flexible:

You can start with one Windstrument turbine and add more turbines per pole as your power needs grow- without the cost, time or materials waste of new pole construction. Multiple home projects are optimum, as the price will scale with number sold. The benefits would be the capability to easily generate and store local power and have off-grid emergency power for any neighborhood. The Windstrument is probably the only 'urban tolerant' wind turbine on the market.

Windstrument can be placed on any utility pole, unused utility poles, or retrofit to other wind turbine poles. Click the WindOrchard link to see how this happens.

Availability is critical to our business model. With only one tool we have the capability to manufacture several thousand turbines a month. Our goal is to quadruple that, at a minimum, over the next year. As we have sourced our manufacturing and our raw materials already, this is entirely reliant on funding.

A Masterpiece of Aesthetic Aerodynamics

The shape of the Windstrument appears simple, yet is extremely complex. The body shape is a Conical Helicoid. The Conical Helicoid is the most energy efficient, energy generative and durable pattern in existence. This spiral pattern is universal – encoded into plants, animals, storm systems, and space itself. 
Natural Spiral Energy Forms

The inventor, before working with NASA in their technology transfer program, spent time in the 1980's on an Americas Cup Winning Sailboat. The idea for the blade shape came from his study of modern racing sails combined with an in-depth knowledge of materials technology derived from years as an industrial consultant. In the Windstrument video, note the wind tunnel segment and you will see how the whole turbine appears foreshortened, front to back. This is a natural effect that causes the blades pull forward from the back to capture more air the harder the wind blows.
The unique sail shape also allows the Windstrument to function in turbulent or 'rough' wind conditions. The blade develops a cushion of air along it's surface. This cushion is what the oncoming wind is actually flowing over; as we affirmed in our wind tunnel tests. This natural flow dynamic creates a smoothing effect, eliminating vibration. Also, the Windstrument is completely self directing - naturally rotating into the wind. 
These effects are the triple whammy that allow the Windstrument to generate power in the roughest wind, at low elevations. Because of this capability, the Windstrument is probably the only 'urban tolerant' wind turbine on the market. 

Perfected Sail form and Conical Helicoid; the Windstrument is the flawless hybrid of these extraordinary shapes. See our Pinterest Board for gorgeous examples of natural spirals.


Maximum Safety

Flexible materials and an obvious visual at any speed allows for birds to easily see and avoid the Windstrument. There is no 'backwash' or vacum of air into the blades so birds cannot get sucked into the turbine. Outside of the humane aspect, with the new dangers of human communicable, bird born diseases it is critical that turbines avoid killing birds in or around human traffic areas. 

The Windstrument was field tested near a bird/wetlands reservoir for almost two years with no bird injuries or deaths.

Because of the flexible materials, the Windstrument is safer around people too. See the 'man test' segment on The Windstrument video.

In over three years testing in wind storms of up to 80mph wind gusts we never lost a blade outside of deliberate destruction testing in the wind tunnel. In cases of bad storms or high winds (over 80mph) a rapid disconnect can be used to drop the turbines or a hinged or telescoping tower configuration can be implemented. And if a blade does break it can be easily replaced, by hand, in about 10 minutes. They are affordable enough to keep one or two blades on hand in case of emergency. 

Maximum Benefit Scenarios

Neighborhood or localized use of WindOrchards in a co-op type of energy generation cluster. We consider this to be the optimum configuration for private residences.

Into the Wild
Windstrument is perfectly suited for generating and storing power in wilderness areas. The light weight and stackable nature of the blades means you do not have to build highways or cement/asphalt roads for transport. Windstrument could power wilderness installations, telecommunications, rural villages, fire towers and ski resorts. And the Windstrument can pump water- making it the only lightweight, multi-use turbine on the market.

Ocean Going
Another option is buoy configurations for offshore wind. We are also working on a mainsail rig to charge batteries for docked or anchored ships. Because of the self directing capability, light weight and 45 degree cone of tolerance, the Windstrument is the only workable wind power solution for seafaring vessels. And the Windstrument can pump water- making it the only lightweight, multi-use turbine on the market.

Industrial Parks 
Because of the ability to add new turbines at will - or even drop new trees easily, the Windstrument is the perfect energy generation tool for industrial parks. The Windstruments ability to generate mechanical energy is an even bigger plus in this scenario.

We have tested the Windstrument in a wild horse area of Nevada and even these sensitive animals don't mind the Windstruments silent operation. Windstrument 'trees' can be placed in any agricultural setting without disturbing plants or animals.

Tourist Areas
The Windstrument is silent and safe as well as being bird friendly. This makes it a perfect addition to resort, hotel chain or other tourist areas.


0/4 Maximum Benefits

  • Captures a higher amount of potential wind energy per diameter of swept area (average of 90% increase in captured energy).
  • Built in Energy Storage methodology.
  • Operates at slower RPM with higher load-to-torque conversion for harnessing a broader range of wind velocities.
  • Made of space age, ultra-light materials which have established outdoor lifespans in excess of 25 years.
  • Quiet and capable of producing little or no vibrations.
  • Non-Lethal to birds.
  • Higher aesthetic design value for public areas.
  • Lightweight materials that lower shipping costs substantially.
  • Self-Directing Blade design that allows energy production in turbulent wind conditions.
  • Easy installation that requires no significant changes to existing support structures.
  • The only Wind Turbine with your name on it.